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Sunday, July 13, 2003

blog all night, sleep all day
I found out earlier this weekend that Blogathon 2003 is coming up fairly soon, and I've been kicking around the idea of participating. I'm not sure right now how likely I am to do it.

First thing that comes to mind is, why? Who would be interested in reading blog entries about what I'm doing every half-hour of the day on a Saturday? I mean, I wake up relatively early at around 8:30, take a shower, read the paper, then flip on the week's rerun of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" (I've checked, the movie on tap for July 26th is The Phantom Planet; an okay episode, I guess). After that, head out for some lunch and/or head to the pool to catch some rays. Then, pretty much do whatever comes to mind for the afternoon: Household chores, self-entertainment, family phonecalls, etc. Then, depending on mood, either go out for the night or else stay home with movies.

Pretty mondo exciting, huh?

Naturally, since I'll be blogging in every 30 minutes, I will pretty much be confined indoors, with some limited mobility around the house. Since I don't have any mobile Internet devices that interface with Blogger, that means no poolside activity (unless I can rig up a wireless connection for my computer, which I doubt I can, and which I doubt would reach out to the pool anyway), no going out for lunch, no nightlife. So that restricts the typical weekend experience even further.

Then again, that's not really the focus here, is it? It's understood that you're going to be stuck in front of a computer screen for 24 hours, and that the resulting blog activity will be of a claustrophobic/insomnious nature. Part of the fun, I guess.

There would be some fringe benefits from the enduro challenge. For instance, at 2AM I can tune into WMNF's The House and groove out to four hours of house beats. It'd be almost like being at a club! Except it'd be just me, in this apartment, without any women around....

So anyway, I'm conflicted. Perhaps if I list out some pros and cons, I can clear things up.

- It's for charity (duh), although I'm not sure which one I'd want to sponsor. Probably something to do with promoting literacy. I'd like to do it for an organization that's got national/international reach, but has a local presence--y'know, the whole "think globally, act locally" thing.
- I've always loved the night and staying awake deep into it, whether it's out and about or just staying in for the night. Classic nightowl.
- It's something out-of-the-ordinary.
- It would gain some exposure for this blog, which I'm always looking to do (yes, a selfish motivator, but really, all altruism is based on the giver getting some satisfaction from the experience).
- It would create a unique tract of entries on this blog, something to perhaps look back on fondly.

- Do I really want to stay up for 24 straight hours?? I've found that my propensity for going long stretches without any sleep is dwindling as I get older; in fact, I often wish for more sleep these days, not less.
- Do I really want to stay cooped up in my aparment for 24 straight hours??
- Something inherently geeky about working on a computer for hours on end.
- Can I find enough to scribble about every half-hour? I know, I can prepare entries far in advance and post them at later,timed intervals, but that seems so... artificial, somehow. I'll definitely do that for some posts, though.
- What will be the quality of these posts? I typically take at least a half-hour to post something thoughtful, with related links.
- What if I can't get any sponsors? Talk about fruitless; and embarrassing, even.
- Despite being indoors, the weather is a factor here. Tampa Bay is primo lightning storm country, and when those bolts start lighting up the sky, that's my cue to unplug the computer (surge protectors won't do shit in the event of a major lightning strike). Obviously, this will impair my ability to participate.

Those are my thoughts on the subject thus far. If you have any input on this, one way or the other, go ahead and leave a note.