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Sunday, July 27, 2003

(blogathon 2003)
hit the hay
IT'S OVER! It's been an experience. I think I'll be able to expand on that better tomorrow.

As I expect this will be my final posting for this Sunday, I'll just wrap up by tossing out a few acknowledgements of thanks to various people and things:

- My sponsors
- Microsoft (for the Xbox, the OS, and all that)
- WMNF's Our House show (which helped immensely in getting me through the imperceptible pivot)
- Brighthouse Networks, for the cable television entertainment
- My ISP, for not giving me the connection problems that I experienced the previous two weekends
- Sega Sports, for NHL2K3
- Apple, for the iPod
- My aquarium fish, for providing me with some much-need non-electronic distraction at timely intervals
- Cat at Blogathon Central, for setting this all up in the first place

And now, to sleep...