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Saturday, July 26, 2003

(blogathon 2003)
The combination of thinking about college buddies below, and just catching a segment of Jackass where they were knocking croquet balls into some guy's jockstrap-protected groin, brought back memories of ball hockey.

During my junior year, for about two or three weeks straight, a group of us in the dorms got bored to the point where we came up with a simple game. One guy would stand at one end of the hall, facing directly ahead. The other guy was at the other end, and had a hockey stick and a street hockey ball. The goal was to nail the unprotected guy with the ball, with as much velocity as possible. First one to peg the other guy in the balls would win.

Talk about entertainment! I got a few welts on my legs, but fortunately, never got hit in the scrotum. I don't remember if anyone did; our shots weren't of the highest accuracy.

But I'm proud(?) to say that we, unlike those wussies on Jackass, never resorted to the unmanly act of using a cup! So there.