The Critical 'I'

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Saturday, June 21, 2003

odd couple
They said it wouldn't last. And they were right. Pam Anderson's current celebrity relationship with Kid Rock is apparently over. Nothin' left to believe in, folks.

Maybe he got mad that she got her implants removed (although as you can tell from the above photo, she doesn't need them). Maybe he disapproves of her upcoming role in "Stripperella". Or maybe she came to the realization that Kid Schlock's 15 minutes of fame are over (let's face it, he's been overshadowed in his white-trash schtick by Eminem) and she now wants to trade up.

Does this comment from Ms. Anderson raise any red flags for anyone?

"Assume what you want about a wedding... I'm here with family and friends. That might be a hint."

The way I'm reading this, she can't be thinking about being with her man while she's with family and friends. In other words, being in a relationship and being with family/friends are two mutually exclusive things; she can't handle both at the same time. Like a lot of women, she probably subsumes herself into her man's life, to the point where she alienates everyone else in her life; and eventually, she can't take that anymore, and she ends it. With a pattern like that, she can't ever stay in a relationship for any length of time... at least not while her looks are holding up. Very telling.