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Saturday, June 07, 2003

drinking problem
Will he do it? Will Funny Cide become the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978? We'll know in about an hour.

I'm not going to pretend to have any insight on this. I'm a sports fan, but horseracing is not one of the sports I take notice of except for special occasions. Those occasions are the Kentucky Derby, and then, if there's a Triple Crown contender, the Belmont. Like most of the country, basically.

While working in sports, we had this editor who grew up in Kentucky. She was big-time into horses and horseracing, although I don't know that she was a hardcore enthusiast. One of the funniest episodes I remember with her was when we were running a horse's headshot to accompany an article (probably on that year's Kentucky Derby or other major race). She took one look at the horse's photo and declared, "That's not him". She actually recognized that the horse in question was not the horse who's picture we had dug up! I mean, they were the same hair color, no real distinguishing markings, pretty much looked like the right horse, and I doubt one in a hundred readers would have noticed. But she did. We found this very funny.

By the way, there's more going on in Noo Yawk sports today than just the Belmont. All within hours of each other, Roger Clemens goes for his 300th career win, the Devils look to clinch their third Stanley Cup, and Funny Cide will run for glory. As of this writing, the milestone attempts are 0-1, as Clemens blows another opportunity to nab No. 300.

Update: Somewhere Affirmed is smiling. Fitting for a race taking place in the Empire State, Empire Maker played the spoiler and won the Belmont, dashing Funny Cide's Triple Crown chance for this year. We'll see if anyone makes the attempt next year.