The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

You may recall that I was underwhelmed by the speed of the FireWire card I just purchased for use with my iPod. Turns out, the slowdown was due to a setting I had chosen on the MusicMatch program that "leveled" the volume on all the tracks before transferring them to the iPod. It did this by basically creating a new, resampled copy of each track, and then transferring it over. Obviously, this takes time: a full minute total for a standard (4MB) track. At that rate, it would take something like 10-12 hours to get my entire mp3 collection onto the iPod! No thanks; I turned off the setting, and then let it fly. Big difference--it took about 15 minutes total to port everything over. Success!

It's amazing the revelations you find when you sit down and play with the options.

I'm enjoying the new toy a lot. It's nice to be able to fire up your tunes without having to turn on the computer first, or to even use up computer resources to play them. The portability is a bonus too, of course. I'm going to enjoy taking it out to the pool, grooving to the rythm while I burn. And, I'm heading up north for an extended weekend soon, so this will make the plane rides a bit more enjoyable.

On the minue side, I'm not at all happy with this crappy MusicMatch Jukebox software. Seems really bloated and clunky. If anyone has a recommendation for an alternate synching/transfer program, I'm all ears.