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Friday, June 27, 2003

off the hook
The long-awaited National Do Not Call Registry was finally rolled out this morning. It shouldn't surprise anyone that some 370,000 phone numbers have already been registered, and that more than 60 million people are expected to eventually sign on.

You better believe I plugged my phone numbers in. I've actually gotten to a point to where I can block telemarketing calls most of the time on my home phone, and thankfully, I haven't gotten any on my mobile number (yet). But nothing wrong with a little insurance.

The name of the registration site,, is pretty good. However, to truly capture the spirit of those fed up with years of obtrusive telemarketing screeds, they should have called it "".

Update: D'oh! I've been waiting since this morning for the confirmation emails to arrive at my Yahoo address so that my registration can be finalized. Guess what? Yahoo is blocking the confirmation emails being sent by the site, recognizing those emails as spam. What irony! Apparently they've found and fixed the problem. As of this writing, I have yet to receive the emails. However, I've got 72 hours to respond to them, so hopefully this glitch will be solved well before then.