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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

damn devils
I'm sure dozens of David Putty-like face-painters are dancing with joy all over northern New Jersey. As expected, the New Jersey Devils won their third Cup, although I doubt anyone thought it would take them seven games to do it. A great series, in my book. I was rooting against the Devils more than I was for the Ducks, but I'm not majorly bummed over the outcome. Much as I hate them, I knew Jersey had that certain strut going into the postseason, and that a championship was the likeliest outcome.

A bright spot for the Ducks, aside from making it so far in such stunning fashion, was Giguere winning the Conn Smythe, as playoff MVP. I was a little surprised they didn't give it to Brodeur instead, but Jiggy certainly deserved it; let's face it, without his unbelievable play, Anaheim never would have made it out of the first round, let alone all the way to the Finals. Good choice. And the fact that it made the Devils fans boo made it all the more sweeter. ;)

A great series. Can't wait for the new season to begin!

As usual, the Devils will have their victory parade in the Meadowlands parking lot, allegedly because, as the representatives of all New Jersey, they don't have a "real" home city (what's East Rutherford then--could it be the home city of the Meadowlands doesn't want to stage a parade for the Swamp Rats?). If they really want to embrace their team nickname, they ought to have their victory parade on the soon-to-be-renamed Route 666.

Update: That stupid monkey.