The Critical 'I'

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

five-finger discounter
The legend of Winona Ryder and her wild shoplifting spree continues to grow--at least, on the West Coast. San Diego's Point Loma High is putting on a comedic play based on Ryder's extra-legal escapades.

If this play has any real production values, it'll have to have a good supply of "Free Winona" t-shirts.

Ah, Winona! When did I first fall in love with Generation X's Official Actress Babe? Of course. It was in Heathers. The scene where she's in the convenience store, and that dork asks her, "Are you a Heather?", and she, perfectly framed and standing next to a slushie machine, demurely responds, "No; I'm a Veronica." Winner.