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Saturday, May 31, 2003

celluloid duality
Another weekend, another film festival. I guess. On the heels of last week's Cinema of Agitation at the Dali Museum, Saints & Sinners III is taking place in downtown St. Pete at the State Theatre.

Wow, back-to-back film fests in my town! Am I in Los Angeles, or New York, or San Francisco, for crying out loud?

Saints & Sinners shows films that are... not exactly the same calibre as at the Dali. This is a fest for local, shoestring-budget filmmakers who are looking for exposure and networking opportunities. What's more, the most thriving part of the low-budget scene is in the horror/slasher/schlocky genre--basically, a bunch of people who want to be the next George Romero. Think the source material for American Movie.

It's a fun little subculture, but you really have to be into it, and I'm not. I've never gone in for the zombie, satanism, vampire, etc. fare; doesn't make any difference to me if they're serious stories or the campy Troma-like treatments. I like so-bad-they're-funny movies too, but this subgenre just never caught my fancy.

In light of those comments, you wouldn't think I'd want to hit this one. Still... I've got nothing planned for this afternoon, and the early showings look interesting, sort of (Follow the Bitch looks like it has potential, although I'm not sure what the point is of showcasing a flick made in 1996--it's not like it's ever going to get a big-studio release at this point). There are worse ways to piss away an afternoon, I suppose. I'm sure as heck not going to stick around for the later fare, even if there wasn't a hocky game on tonight.

More than whatever's on the screen, what most attracts me to something like this is to check out the people there. It'd be interesting to meet and chat with some of them, see what they're like and what they're aspirations are. Shoot, maybe I can even get myself a guest acting gig into one of these no-budget epics! That'd be fun.