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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

gettin' the record straight
So you think you know who the NFL Champion was in 1925, huh, smart guy? You honestly think it's the Chicago Cardinals, don't you? Well, about 18,000 people in the Pennsylvania town of Pottsville beg to differ, as they take their argument for the long-gone hometown Maroons all the way to Paul Tagliabue himself. And the Commish looks like he's going along on revising the history books.

Quick note: Did the governor of Pennsylvania really need to make an appearance over a records-book dispute? Like he has nothing better to do, perhaps running a state government?? If I lived in Penna, I'd be a bit perturbed.

I like this news item because it harkens back to the early days of the National Football League, when it was more like a league in name only. Hard to believe this sports entertainment behemoth at one point was such a joke that it couldn't win a player-poaching war with the Canadian Football League.