The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Call it a retroactive scandal, 40 years later. Responding to general piqued interest over the revelation that John F. Kennedy had an Clintonesque affair with an intern, Marion "Mimi" Fahnestock has stepped forward to reveal that she was that boinked intern.

Incidentally, this whole thing started with the release of a Kennedy biography, An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963", by Robert Dallek. The focus of that book is on JFK's numerous health problems (he was given last rites three times before he was 40 years old, well before his assassination in 1963). All I can say is, considering all the women he was fucking, he couldn't have been that sick.

Anyway, back to "the Mimi" (as she calls herself): I find it curious that she decided to come out public with this at all, considering in the very next breath she says she doesn't want to be bothered about it after this point. That's a crock. If she didn't want any intrusion of her privacy, she wouldn't have talked to the media at all. It would've been easy enough to tell just her family and leave it at that, but she didn't. Her daughters weren't the ones who called the papers and networks, she did. The notion that she guards her private life in this matter so closely, while at the same time making a grab for some minor glory as the original Lewinsky, is just phony. (By the way, while she didn't want the New York Daily News to take her photo, she seemed to have no problem with CNN taking it.)

Whether she wants repercussions from this or not (and she does), she'll get them. For one, she can probably kiss her job at her church goodbye. Regardless of the church's moral view on this (and it's not like Presbyterians are all that tolerant, even on a past-tense sin like this), they'll undoubtedly get plenty of unwanted attention off this, and won't put up with it for long. Secondly, apparently all her neighbors know now; so much for privacy. And who knows how many Kennedy fanatics are going to start hounding her now? Given all this, I find it extremely hard to believe that she wasn't aware that her opening her mouth would bring about some drastic changes in her life. In fact, I'm betting she's going to welcome it.