The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

In fitting tribute to Mark McCormack's life work, a recent survey found that advertisers consider sports a high-octane way to reach consumers.

Not surprising that football is the top preferred vehicle; I'm sure most of the responses had the Super Bowl in mind. Also not surprising is that my favorite sport, hockey, came in so low, at 1% of respondents (and I'm sure that represents the one Canadian guy they interviewed, ha-ha). Hockey always ranks at the bottom of the barrel for these things. I view that as a mixed blessing. I like that hockey remains something of a niche sport; I guess that's what gives it some of its appeal among its fanbase. The other edge of that sword is that niche sports tend not to stay on the air as much, or as long.

The polling universe here is obviously focused on targeting high-end demographics (naturally). That's why golf ranks so high on the scale: Despite the Tiger Woods effect, it's still an affluents' sport. And notice that autoracing, the ultimate bluecollar sport, is nowhere to be found. That's really strange, considering the point of this was supposed to be in how to reach broad audiences, instead of segmented age groups (which is usually how advertisers break these things down).