The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

i actually prefer mine plain
Uncanny. Every time I feel like having a simple hotdog for lunch, the guy who operates a hotdog cart down on the corner of my office building takes the day off. He's there five days a week, except, of course, on those rare days (maybe once a month) when I'm a likely customer.

Of course, it's no big whoop. There are hotdog stands all over the place. Today, I just walked up a block and got my fix from another, more reliable vendor. Two of them, plain (as always), with chips and an orange soda. Now that's good eats.

Y'know, a hotdog is probably the only food I can't envision ever getting anywhere but from an outdoor setting: A hotdog cart/stand, a festival, a concert, a barbecue party, etc. The idea of ordering a wiener in an indoors, sit-down restaurant is unfathomable--it's like that particular food item doesn't belong there. Even making them at home, on the stove (or what have you; I think they sell microwavable ones now) is getting to be suspect.