The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

If you're in North America, and you're planning on sitting indoors the rest of tonight, watching TV or screwing around on the Web--don't. You'll miss out on a relatively rare lunar eclipse, starting a little after 10PM EST. Of course, if you absolutely can't catch it tonight, you can always wait for the next one, coming this November. (The one after that, for North America, won't come around for several years.)

Hopefully, the weather is cooperating more for you than it is for me. It's a nice enough night, but pretty substantial cloud cover. I can't see the moon at all right now. Dammit! It's always something...

Update: All was well. The clouds pretty much cleared up, and I had a peach of a view from my living room window. I saw the start of the eclipse all the way through to totality. I didn't stay up all night to see the complete reemergence, but I saw enough of that to satisfy me. Only thing: There was no (or perhaps only very slight) color change. Bummer. That depends largely on the air quality in your particular area; I guess the air here isn't funky enough.