The Critical 'I'

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Saturday, May 24, 2003

duke in charge
Deciding that the Web is a lonely place for a comic strip, Gary Trudeau has decided to fold his Doonesbury website into Slate. As you can see, the URL remains the same, but the interior content is now tied to Slate.

Interesting approach. Doonesbury will be an additional draw for Slate, bringing in people who might not otherwise visit. I'm not sure how much that's the case for Doonesbury--certainly Doonesbury is more well-known than Slate is.

There's some speculation that this could be a model for other online mags and good-fit content. As far as strips go, most other popular strips are owned by syndicates--Trudeau's creator ownership is still, sadly, an exception--so if that happens, it would probably be on a group level.