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Monday, May 26, 2003

swamp rats quack you!
I tell you, I don't know where my head's been. Ever since the Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, when the damned Devils won, I've been meaning to post my comments on the upcoming (finally!) Stanley Cup Finals.

An interesting matchup. The Devils are used to being here, the Ducks make their first appearance. Since there's not too much history between the two teams, the opening subplots are concentrated around the Niedermayer brothers facing off, the first time in 57 years siblings have gone head-to-head in the Final, and the blockbuster trade between the two teams this past summer. I think it'll be a lot of fun to watch.

As for predictions... Looks like my noggin nailed this matchup, although if you had asked me to pick it at the start of the postseason, I'd have said you were nutso. To a great degree, it all depends on Giguere, again. He's been the one who's carried Anaheim this whole way. His teammates have upped their level of play, but that's directly a result of his outstanding performance. If he keeps it up, and the team feeds off that, then Disney can add a Stanley Cup alongside its World Series Trophy for this sports season. And yet, it's hard to pick against the Devils. Their plodding style has won them Cups before, and Brodeur is playing as god-like as ever.

I'd give the edge to the Devils. But, I'll go with my bias as a Devils-hater, and pull for the Quack-Quacks to win it all! I hope so, anyway. Anybody but the Devils. Go Anaheim!

Here's an idea for all the Ducks supporters out there: Instead of shying away from the Disney connection, embrace it by crafting a Mighty Ducks fight song with the same tune as the old Mickey Mouse Club theme song! It would work especially well if Anaheim wins it all:

Who's the winner of the Cup
That's named for Lord Stanley,
M-I-G, H-T-Y, D-U-C-K-S

Granted, it's a little corny. But hey, if they pound the Devils, I'll happily sing it!