The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, April 25, 2003

NBC has all but cancelled the sitcom Just Shoot Me, and the show's producers are hopping mad about it. What they find especially galling is that they've been displaced by a schlock-fest of replacement specials, including reality-like "most shocking moments" one-shots.

"If they're going to toss you aside for 'Game Show Moments,' where's the integrity and dignity in this business?" said (executive producer Steve) Levitan."

In case you missed that, he's asking where the integrity and dignity in the entertainment business is. Not only integrity, but dignity, too. In the entertainment industry. Do I even have to deliver a punchline here?

As is usual for me, I'm surprised to find that Just Shoot Me is even still on. It sucked the couple of times I saw it, and I'm sure it never got better. The thing's been on since 1997, I'm sure it's gotten uber-stale by now. For all the crying Levitan wants to do over getting wiped by competition from unscripted reality fare, I don't think holding up a third-rate piece of crap that's running on fumes as defense is the way to go.