The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, April 18, 2003

So, I finished dinner tonight (angel hair pasta with lemon-lime black pepper seasoning, nothing fancy), and I decide to partake of an after-dinner chocolate mint that I picked up on impulse at the healthfood store. It was the first time I took a good look at it since buying it.

As you'd expect from a healthfood store purchase, it was an organic chocolate product. But not just any organic chocolate. It was a Chimp Mint, made by the good tree-huggin' people at Endangered Species Chocolate Company. Ten percent of the money made from these mints goes to The Jane Goodall Institute, to help out our knuckle-dragging little primate cousins. Ook-ook!

The other bonus: Along with the chocolate, I got a mini-trading card, featuring one of the chimps in the care of Jane Goodall Institute. I got No. 35, a male chimp named Pax. He was born in 1977 (almost my age, I guess he's a GenXer), was horribly wounded at age 3, and since the death of his brother Prof in 1998, has been in deep depression. Feel better, Pax. Hopefully my little purchase will help you out some.

I'm surprised by the company's URL: I would have thought such a generic phrase as a website name would have been claimed long ago by some huge chocolate company, like Hershey. I guess Endangered Species lucked out there.

Good work by Endangered Species Chocolate Company, helping out the beasties. I got a great idea for them to further help the chimps: Produce a line of chocolate-flavored cookies, shaped like monkeys. Call them Chocolate Chimp Cookies. C'mon, let's make it happen!