The Critical 'I'

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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

america's favorite meat-flavored sandwiches
And while you're downing those delicious freedom fries, why not check out your favorite websites and zap out some email? That's what McDonalds has in mind for you. The Golden Arches will soon be offering up a free hour of wireless Internet access in select restaurants when you order some of their slop, so you can surf as you scarf.

A couple of thoughts:

- Who in the hell actually wants to hang out in a McDonalds for an hour?? I never eat the stuff anymore, but when I did, the idea was to get your food quick, eat it quick, and get out of there. Better yet, hit the drivethru. No way in hell I'd want to spend any more time than necessary in there, with the sickening aroma of grease wafting all over, and an ambience that doesn't exactly entice you to just sit there and pass the time (although I understand McDonalds restaurants do attract a lot of hangers-on from the extreme ends of the age range: Younger kids and senior citizens, the common thread there being that neither have anything better to do).

- Imagine how coated with grease your keyboard will get as your fingers glide from computer to fry pouch.

- For McDonalds' sake, I hope access to this wi-fi network is wholly automated--like, you get a computer-generated password printed on your receipt, you log on to the wi-fi network, enter that password, and that lets you on. If they somehow have to involve the restaurant staff, then good-night. From my experience, people who work there can barely handle chewing gum; I think it'll be a tall order to expect them to provide tech support of any kind.