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Friday, March 07, 2003

got your ear!
What's left to say about Mad Mike Tyson? A long, strange trip it's been, indeed. He's got a little of his swagger back after laying waste to a sack of fat named Etienne, so I guess we can look forward to some residual antics from that.

Let's not overlook that wacky face tattoo is good for quite a bit of mileage. I believe Mike said it was a warrior symbol from some tribe or another (I want to say New Zealand's Maori, but I'm going by faulty memory). My favorite comment on this was from Charles Barkley, who quipped, "Which one, the Knucklehead Tribe?"

So anyway, about this picture: It was sent to me by an out-of-town friend, for chuckles. I think it's safe to assume there's some trick of illusion here. Either Mike was having a little fun in front of the cameras at a recent press conference (possible, although I think I would have remembered this), or the photos have been manipulated (most likely). In any case, funny.

And because I can't complete a blog entry without including a hyperlink, let's revisit Iron Mike's foray into commercials, and some choice words of wisdom.