The Critical 'I'

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Thursday, March 20, 2003

no, the email kind
Regardless of your thoughts of the pork-based foodstuff, you most definitely hate the spam that shows up in your email inbox. What you gonna do about it? A study on the subject reveals some pretty basic things you can do to reduce the flow of unsolicited junk email.

As always, the key is not to spread your email address around if you don't want to let it potentially get to every conceivable corner of the Internet. Posting your email address on a webpage, message board or any other online medium is the equivalent of spraying graffiti on a building, or (even better) writing your phone number on a bathroom wall. You can't do either of those things without expecting to get noticed.

All I know is, I've used freebie Yahoo email as junk addresses, and I haven't had much of a problem with spam. The only time I notice any, in fact, is when I make a bid on eBay, and the next day get a bunch of junk (I just bid yesterday, in fact, and that's what happened). So it also pays to know which sites are spammer (human and robot) harvest fields.