The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

up yours, dubbya
For a prime example of diarrhea of the mouth, look toward Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines. She's quickly backpedalling over her remarks about being ashamed President Bush comes from the same state she does, after it's apparent they will hurt the group's exposure and bling-bling.

I guess it's hard to be on guard 24-7, but really, when media is in your face constantly, shouldn't you know better than to speak without thinking? These days, it's not like anything a celebrity says isn't going to make it to all corners within hours. And when you're a country music star, you gotta know your core audience is a bunch of conservative rednecks, so you're really hitting yourself where it hurts.

I don't like country music in general, or even country-pop, so I never cared a whit for the Chicks either way. But, I have to say that I would've had some respect for her if she had stuck to her original comments and left it at that. This half-assed "apology" is so phony that it's laughable. If her business wasn't on the line, she wouldn't be taking anything back. This retraction is completely unbelievable, and I doubt anyone's buying it.

Then again, note the end of the referenced article, where the DJ says his station might keep the Dixie Chicks songs off the air for "as long as a month". That's not exactly a long-term sentence. I'm sure the proper amount of spin will be applied, and memories will shorten enough that this will blow over in no time.

Another take on this is from E!, which includes a wider look at other reactions to celebrity anti-war comments. I don't recall the absence of that Martin & Charlie Sheen Visa commercial from the airwaves; coulda sworn I saw it just a couple of days ago.