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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

free, unwired nation
It looks like wireless web access is spreading like a weed. Not only wireless, but FREE wireless! In theory, anyway. In order to take advantage of the floating bandwith, you need to have a fairly adept understanding of network communications, how connectivity works, etc. Not to mention a notebook or other portable computer (I suppose you could go with a desktop, but what's the point in that?).

I'd loooooove to take a whack at this myself. Problem is, a wireless modem/card isn't really that cheap at around $300; it isn't that expensive, but in terms of it being a tinkertoy, that's a bit above the playmoney range for me.

One of the companies cited in this artcle has a pretty nice icon collection of some of the major tech players. Got a good chuckle from the Microsoft Borg. Oh those funny techie-geeks!