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Friday, February 21, 2003

round and round they go
As I arrived in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg this morning and started walking toward my office building, I heard an incessant whine from the distance fill the air. For a split-second, I wondered what the hell that was. Then, I realized it was the opening sounds of the inaugural Grand Prix of St. Petersburg! That's right, they're racing cars at high triple-digit speeds down city streets! Chaotic funtime!

I'm not at all into racing, either CART (which is what the St. Pete race is kicking off), IRL or NASCAR. But how often does something like this happen in your hometown? And, I've got a bunch of free ticket vouchers for today's activities.

So, I'm meeting up with my friend Tom, who's a big open-wheel racing (non-NASCAR) fan, for lunch down here, and from there we'll be mosying over to catch the afternoon's racing. Like I need an excuse to play hooky from work.... Depending on what I think of it, I might splurge on tickets for the rest of the weekend too.

It occurs to me that those who tout the journalistic aspects of blogging point to the ability of bloggers to report on events happening right in their backyards. I suppose this qualifies for me? Should I report on this later today? I can't do it wirelessly from the event, due to lack of equipment (my phone is web-enabled, but only WAP, not very advanced at all). If anyone would like to see a followup report from today, and possibly the weekend, let me know.