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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

a league
The recent NHL All-Star Weekend in Sunrise, Florida (part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metroplex) concluded with a sour note, as Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Ossi Vaananen and friends suffered serious injuries after being hit by a car that a 90-year-old geezer couldn't control.

Vaananen is a good d-man, and with any luck he'll be able to come back from this as good as new. His companions are the ones who are in serious trouble, and hopefully they'll pull through reasonably intact.

That said, two things bother me about this incident:

- Note that the reason they got into harm's way in the first place was because of yet ANOTHER idiot, ass-backwards cab driver! Never mind that he couldn't speak English; the fact that he got lost and had no idea how to find his way around just blows my mind. He's a cabbie, for Christ's sake! Knowledge of the driving area, or at the very least a sense of direction, should be the basic requirement for driving a hack! (See here for a fuller expounding by yours truly on the Dumb Cabby Epidemic.)

- Naturally, it was a 90-year-old coot--who I'll bet should have had his license revoked 20 years ago--who was responsible. Like my home state of Florida doesn't get enough flack for the legions of half-blind/half-deaf (hell, let's face it, half-dead) wrinklebags crawling all over the place. Now this. I can hear the wisecracks already.