The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

paper lions paper league
It sure looks to me like the Detroit Lions are well on their way to becoming the next designated NFL laughingstock franchise. (That title is currently, and justly, held by the Cincinnati Bungles--er, Bengals, but with the hiring of Marv Lewis as coach, maybe they're ready to start winning some games.)

Want proof? Take note of this joke of a team's latest gaffe: They're set to get fined, and give the entire league an unwarranted black eye, over blatantly disregarding the new minority-hiring directive.

To be fair, Jacksonville's recent coaching search pretty much ignored realistic black candidates too. And it's not like any team should be forced to hire a coach it doesn't feel will be the best fit and will give them the best chance to win. But the point is to open up the process and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get their shot.

If you're a Lions fan and you need to place a name to all this recent misery, you already now what it is: Matt Millen. This chunkhead has been running the show for two years, and he's managed to run the team into the dirt. The season before he was brought in, the team went 9-7 and barely missed the playoffs. Since Millen waved his magic wand with idiotic personnel moves, the Lions have won 5 games over the last two seasons. I don't believe this to be a coincidence. Millen was a loud-mouth idiot as a television talking head, and he's more than proved that that wasn't just perception. He needs to get fired, although the damage he's done will probably take years to fix. (Actually, the sad thing is that, once fired, he'll quickly land another television job, and we'll be subjected to his blathering once again.)