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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

play me!
How cool-looking is this little gadget? It's phone, it's a game-unit, it's a Nokia. The mobile phone giant is going to launch this new-fangled product soon, banking on the large percentage of phone users who also love to waste time playing games on their handsets.

Guilty as charged. I guess I'm probably at the front end of the generation to which this product holds appeal. I kill an inordinate amount of time--not to mention battery life--playing both the built-in games on my phone, and (on nights and weekends consisting of free minutes, hehe) online games through the phone's minibrowser.

And it's nothing but natural. People my age grew up playing Atari video games at home and coin-slot games at the mall. As we've grown up, videogaming was always a viable, and fun, entertainment option. So why not customize our now-indispensible phones to make it easier to play our game-lets?

Needless to say, I want one of these things. Now.

Here's a bit more on this development, mainly the business-strategic implications. Cool.