The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Everybody's been going feng-shui for the past few years, ever since the practice became widely known in the West. Turns out that this ancient Chinese secret (anyone old enough to recognize that line?) can be morphed into all sorts of niches. Like fashion, frinstance. That's the idea behind the book "Feng Shui Chic", anyway. It tells how clothing and accessorizing the feng-shui way can lead to a more balanced, and by extension, happier life. You go, girl!

This thing is a laugh-riot. Note this gem from the esteemed author:

For instance, what a woman wears to work in an office is usually quite different from what she would wear on a date. "If a women goes on a date straight from the office, she is forgetting to take in the moment," Meltzer says. "Her date will treat her as an authority figure."

And at home, if you wear your business suit rather than comfy clothes, you'll have a hard time accepting the home world, she says.

That's right, thousands of professional women must be guilty of failing to "take a moment". And who knows how many ladies have been living unbearable lives all this time because they've been experiencing their home life in their business suits instead of their comfies??

I think the most proper feng-shui (why the heck do I keep mis-typing those words??) move would have been to avoid killing all the trees that went into printing this piece-o-crap book.

And in the meantime, take my advice and feng-shui the Brady way.