The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

I guess I have reality on the brain today. Here's a couple of quickie shots on the latest entrants to this burgeoning field:

Storm Stories - Our favorite meteorological programming provider, The Weather Channel, is coming out with its very own weather-based reality series. This is a pretty ambitious plan, actually believing that a sane human being would consider The Weather Channel to be a viewing option on an average night. Reminds me of a joke on the old Cheers sitcom, where Cliffy lets slip the embarassing fact that he has a favorite on-air personality on The Weather Channel and that he regularly watches, regardless of weather, just to see her... I'm guessing they'll continue to deliver their primary mission--real-time current weather conditions information--by scrolling that data across the bottom of the screen while that reality show is on.

High School Reunion - The WB, which by its inherently schlocky nature as a network should be the leader in reality-ness (surprisingly it's not), is rolling out a kind-of interesting show based around an extended high school reunion and all the attendant expectations that come from such a gathering. When I first heard about this, I was assuming that the people in it would be fairly young, like maybe just out of college, so that this would be their four- or five-year reunion. I assumed this because: a) this would deliver a younger cast of characters, which would appeal to a younger demographic, and b) being removed from high school for such a relatively short time, and yet having college or work life in the interim, would set the stage for some relatively fresh interaction when revisiting their high school memories. Surprise! The clowns in this show are from the Class of 1992--only a couple of years younger than me. The first thought that comes to mind is, what's wrong with these people?? High school was over a decade ago, and they still have enough issues from then to want to revisit them? I mean, grow the fuck up, already. Then again, I'm sure the free trip and stay in Maui was a big enough incentive. Plus, they get to ham it up and, if any have any sort of acting aspirations, this is a perfect vehicle (one of the fundamental fake things about reality TV that makes it such a farce, in my opinion).