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Saturday, January 25, 2003

marks the spot
Anyone who's ever read The X-Men, or even seen the movie, is familiar with the underlying theme of the storyline. That being that they're mutants (or homo superior), non-human and therefore feared by humankind. It's an established fact in their fictional world that they are distinct from humanity.

So, in a bizarre plot twist that has crossed over into the real world, a U.S. judge recently ruled that the characters are, indeed, not viewed as human beings in the eyes of trade/tarriff law. Let me clarify that: The X-Men, thoroughly fictional characters, have been declared to be not human in a real-life court of law. If that don't beat all!

Take special note of the last bit of this article:

"Veteran comics fan Christian Cooper, who once worked as a Marvel editor, thinks Judge Barzilay got carried away. If Kraven isn't human, what about the twisted villains in Dick Tracy? Or worse yet, Superman himself? 'Here's a guy who changes his clothes in a phone booth and flies through the air,' says Mr. Cooper. 'Does that mean he's now an animal?'"

Let's keep in mind, oh veteran, that Superman, aka Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, is indeed not of the Planet Earth! He's an alien from Krypton, remember? So by definition, he's already not a human being. Sheesh, these people... ;)