The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

looks like something outta dr. seuss
So, I got tired of putting up with my recalcitrant bristlenose pleco--the little bitch was extremely ornery--so I scooped her out of the fishtank, took her down to the pet store, and traded her in, straight up (a great deal!), for a rubberlip (or bulldog) pleco. The rubberlip is supposed to stay small too, which is key: should max out at 3 inches. And is allegedly a voracious algae eater, which is something the bristlnose was really starting to slack on the last couple of weeks (which is the chief reason why I decided to finally ditch her).

The picture above is not of the rubberlip pleco.

I spent about 15 minutes websurfing for a good picture of the rubberlip, but could find zilch. So I gave up. The pic above is of an emerald cory catfish. While at the store, I picked up one of these little critters. I already have two, and I decided they needed a little company. The new guy (or girl, like anyone can tell) adjusted in no time, and is now happily frolicking with his new pals. He's even starting to gain some nice color.