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Sunday, January 26, 2003

buccaroos! the mistake--er, mystique a pirate's life for me
Yes sir, today is that greatest of all unofficial secular holidays, Super Sunday. And you know what?

I can barely feel it, baby.

How can this be? The hometown team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are in the big game. THE BUCCANEERS! A team that's never been in the Super Bowl, and judging from their sorry history, was never expected to get within smelling distance of an NFL championship. Even though the orange creamsicle uniforms are long gone, it still boggle my mind that the team of Testaverde, Reese, and Culverhouse could very likely be a Super Bowl champion by midnight tonight.

And what a matchup! On paper, this is probably the best, most compelling head-to-head Super Bowl contest in ages. That's not even counting the "Gruden Bowl" subplot. The teams are both excellent, without any glaring weaknesses (yes, if Brad Johnson goes down, the Bucs offense is in the toilet, but that's the case with over half the teams in the NFL; ditto for the banged-up Raiders secondary), and the football fanatic in me is licking his chops over watching the action.

So, why am I not supercharged? (I'm even heading out in a little while to pick up the chicken wings for the game party). Well... I guess I'm not as surrounded by the sports culture as I used to be. When I worked in the newspaper Sports department, I was innundated by sports, sports, sports all the dang time. And I loved it! Almost every second I worked there was more fun than actual work. I not only read and formatted copy, I also talked it--for work and fun. Just shooting the breeze with people who's opinions I actually respected when it came to sports (football, hockey, baseball, golf, whatever) was such a pleasure.

Well, it's been about three years since I've worked in Sports, and things just haven't been the same. No one at the magazine is that into football or any other sport. Oh, I've got plenty of other interests that are not even remotely related to sports. But shoot, if there was any time I needed to be innundated with tons of football hype, this week would've been it. And I found the absence definitely lacking.

Oh well... I'm sure I'll get boosted up watching the game tonight. The party I'm going to won't be wall-to-wall people, and there'll be enough friends actually into the game that I can feed off that energy. And plenty of chicken wings! Game on.