The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

If you ask me, it's just plain dumb to be in the browser business these days, unless your name is Microsoft (or possibly, AOL Time Warner or Apple). I mean, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and a bushel of other browsers are available for free, so why on earth would anyone want to pay for one? Non-computer platforms (cellphones, PDAs and other devices) are one avenue of growth, I suppose; so is the corporate market for specialized custom browsers designed for certain kind of work. But what's the long-term picture, really?

In any case, Opera, the Norweigan-based software company, is giving it a go. But not as far as the Mac is concerned, apparently. It looks like the big bad Safari browser that Apple is coming out with is scaring Opera off of the Mac platform.

I've got to admit I agree with the peanut gallery on this one: Opera is just bitching about having to compete with Apple. It should probably just worry about trying to improve it's own product instead, although admittedly, a built-in browser is tough to compete with.