The Critical 'I'

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Sunday, January 26, 2003

'fess up
I caught Confessions of A Dangerous Mind this past Friday. It's rare that I'll run out and see a flick on opening night; in this case, I had nothing planned for the evening (I'm sick sick SICK of this cold fucking weather!), and I really wanted to watch it, so off I went.

Loved it. It was plenty funny, and plenty offbeat. The cinematography was amazing; I guess come critics are speculating that's due to the presence of Steven Soderbergh in the production phase. Whatever the reason, it made the film a great pleasure, an increasingly rare hit among many misses I've seen lately.

One thing: While the star, Sam Rockwell, did a wonderful job as Chuckie Baby, I couldn't shake the way his physical appearance reminded me a ton of Kramer from Seinfeld. Perhaps that's a role for him in the future? Yeah, right...