The Critical 'I'

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Saturday, January 04, 2003

far, far
Ah, I've really got to stop falling prey to all that media/marketing entertainment hype. I just went to see Far from Heaven, which has earned accolades from hither and thither. I really was underwhelmed. The cinematography was good, performances decent, and it succeeded in emulating the Douglas Sirk style it was patterned after (probablly too well--I was never a fan of melodramatic schmaltz). But it just wasn't so much of a much for me. It was a very pretty period piece, but without a whole lot of depth. I could see every single plot development a mile away--which made me wonder if that was a result of the abundance of hype out there about it...

Speaking of the attached hype: An interview with the star, Julianne Moore, that I read after watching this flick had her saying that she decided to wear a blond wig for this role. Now, I may be a bit colorblind, but I'm pretty sure that her hair was not blond, but her natural red in this film. Sure looks like it from the above photo, too. Not only that, but in the film, it's noted that her character once had the nickname "Red", an obvious allusion to her hair. So what gives??

Oh well. It did get me out of the house, and down to the beautiful St. Pete Beach Beach Theatre. Where I met a cute girl who was working the counter. So not a total waste of time after all.