The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

That appears to be the attitude of the AARP, anyway. (I believe "AARP" used to stand for American Association of Retired Persons, but in a bit of marketing glitz, they dropped the full name a couple of years back, in order to somehow brainwash potential members into believing they weren't joining a geriatric society.) In an attempt to rationalize a big budget cut in their media department, the organization recently merged its two magazines, aimed at distinctly different agegroups, into one single title that's supposed to appeal to everyone from age 55 to.... 155, I guess.

The magazine itself is a pretty nice product, actually. It's improved by leaps and bounds over the last time I looked at one of their publications, some 10 years ago (they started sending it to my father). But good luck trying to sell some big-money ads with such a ridiculously wide swath of demographic to pitch.

Oh, the picture above: It's of the new combined magazine's editor in his office. He's doing some kind of weird gyration, don't ask me why. And don't ask me about the cardboard cutouts either.