The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

A fun time, that is (any journalists out there? that one was for you ;). Had my holiday bash last night. I ran out of time on the clean-up and furniture rearrangement detail; I was sweatin' it right up until the first guests arrived. My biggest regret, I guess, was I had no time to set up my fake Christmas tree. Oh well.

But it was a pretty good night. People started arriving all at once, and in no time there was plenty of mingling. I was a hoping for more of a crossing-over between my work and non-work friends; but you can't have everything. It also turned out I could have gotten away with putting out a couple more invitations--a few people who were going to show up didn't, for a variety of reasons. I really had struggled with who to and not to invite, especially at work.

As it is, with all the liquor and mixers I have left, I should probably have another get-together in the next month or two, just to get rid of that stuff!

Anyway, I had fun, I think most everyone had fun too, so it was worth it.