The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

A cigar humidor with the computerized guts? What a concept. It's all part of the latest developments in computer hardware that has produced dirt-cheap smaller components that can be used to make computers that go beyond the standard beige box.

The move to more creative industrial designs, ala Macintoshes, is long, long overdue. And not to the liking of the techie geek community, predictably (check the comments at the bottom of that page).

It's funny reading the reader comments around; it's very much a closed-minded community of tech-heads that have little or no concept of why computer products should be at all consumer-friendly.

I have a couple of techie friends in IT that I like to needle every so often on the Mac-Windows issue. They inevitably come at me with the argument of "What does it matter what color your computer is??" To which I respond, "You're right; it matters as little as why you chose to buy that striped/checkered/solid-colored shirt, or that midnight-blue car, when you could've chosen just any old style in each case." The point being, when designing for a retail/consumer market, the pointless details like that do matter a whole lot. Which is why IT types should not be involved in such areas of concern. There's a point where industrial design engineers get involved, and since computers are consumer products now, this element of product development needs to be addressed.