The Critical 'I'

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Friday, December 20, 2002

thai, like kissing your sister
As I was walking in to work this morning, there were a couple of guys (don't really know who they are, they work a few floors below me) in front of me on the way to the elevators. They were having a really animated discussion about--you guessed it--last night's Survivor finale.

It was quite a sight, seeing them gesticulating about how this Survivor did this and the other one said that. One of these guys even bragged about how he had called the final outcome about 10 minutes into the show, and so went to bed secure in the knowledge that he was "the man" because of this. They were also speculating about the post-curricular fun from this latest Survivor edition, maybe in the form of a sexual harrassment suit.

The look of disgust must have registered on my face, because as they got off onto their floor, one of them gave me a glare on the way out of the elevator.

Do whatcha like, I always say. But nothing brings out the snob in me like the moronic crowd appeal these shows have (well, maybe the "sport" of pro wrestling does too). And I'll forever be grateful that these lowest-common-denominator junk shows don't strike any particular chord with me.

I mean, honestly, what is there in these things that gets people so worked up and captivated? The whole arena is staged, so it's not like these participants are in any danger. The big appeal, I guess, is throwing together a group of morons from different walks of life, different backgrounds and different ages and then watching the sparks fly (real or exaggerated, or whatever). I cannot think of a bigger way to waste my time; watching a crusty old rerun of The Ropers (to name a random, long-dead yucky sitcom) would be a comparative heaven over sitting through this reality junk. I have yet to watch more than five minutes of this crap, and unless they come up with something that just knocks my socks off (unlikely, since the whole premise is so silly to me), I don't think that tally will move up.

A couple of parting shots on this:

-This particular edition of Survivor was more in-your-face than normal for me, because one of the participants, Jan I believe, is a Tampa resident. So the local news and newspapers kept a special hometown-girl watch on her. I guess she made it to the very end, but didn't win.

-I watch The Late Show With David Letterman most nights (Dave is my god), and the CBS synergy is alive and well as they force Dave to feature what he calls the "Survivor losers" on his show every week. The show has handled this pretty well, actually, and gets some good laughs out of ragging on these people. But last night, as part of the whole finale, they got together all the Survivor participants in a row of chairs and had them read off the night's Top Ten List, which I think was the "Top 10 Highlights From Survivor". I don't know if the joke lines were all that bad, or the delivery by the Surviv-oids was so flat, but the whole thing got NO laughs. Utter bomb. And you could see Dave getting mad at how the segment was flailing. It's probably a losing battle, but I'm thinking that on the next Survivor go-round, Dave will pitch a hissy-fit to not have the tie-ins forced into his show.