The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Sometimes, I wonder why I bother to carry a cellphone around, as it always rings at the most inopportune times. Case in point:

I spent a good part of the afternoon running errands, including wrapping up my holiday shopping (found a couple of neat things at some little hole-in-the-wall shops in downtown St. Pete, which I was very happy about). As I'm doing this, I stop at an ATM machine to get some cash. As I'm in the middle of getting the money out of the machine, my phone chirps. It's my brother. As I don't talk to him all that often, I picked it up and started yacking. We talk for a few minutes as I take my money, walk up the street and hit a couple more stores. The conversation ends, and I go about my business.

About five hours later, I'm at about the tail-end of my consumerish activities for the day. As I pick up a little trinket (a universal remote, for me), I take out my wallet to get my ATM card. HELLO! Not there. I search my pockets for a few seconds, and then it hits me: I LEFT THE DAMN CARD IN THE ATM MACHINE DOWNTOWN.


I trucked down to the ATM machine, hoping against hope that the card was still in or near the machine (not totally farfetched, since it is the weekend and the location isn't an especially high-traffic area). No dice.

I'm really more inconvenienced, than wounded, by this. I called the bank and had them void the lost card, and my replacement card is in the mail. I've got some food in the house, so I'm not going to starve to death. The biggest sting is that I'm, for functional purposes, flat broke. I have exactly one dollar in my wallet, and a bunch of plastic that I'd just as soon not use, and in alot of situations, can't use.

So, the upshot is, I'm not going out for the remainder of the weekend. I can get some cash in my hot little hand on Monday by going into the bank (what a concept!) and getting money from a live teller (amazing!). But as far as tonight and Sunday goes, my ass is staying home. Sigh.