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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

power o' ecks
Today, I plunked down my money and I came home with an Xbox! I'm excited. It's the first videogame console I've purchased in some 10 years, when I bought the then-state-of-the-art Sega Genesis. (Still got that one, in working order too, along with my ancient Atari 2600.)

At the risk of sounding too much like a rabid computer geek... this thing ROCKS. The games it came with are pretty uninteresting--a car racing game and some extreme sports thing--but the thing is, who needs 'em? The Xbox has a big ol' hard drive in it, so you can not only play CDs and DVDs, you can also save a ton of tracks onto the drive! It's like a full-size jukebox that you can plug right into your stereo/movie/television/home theater system. Amazing. Right now, I'm listening to a randomization of music tracks that I loaded onto the hard drive. Well worth the relatively low pricetag.

Truth be told, I really bought this thing to serve primarily as a DVD player. Even as low as the price of a regular DVD player has gotten (as little as a hundred bucks for a quality brand), I was having a ton of trouble justifying buying one. The reason for that is, as it is, I rarely ever even use my VCR any more. I never rent movies, only occasionally tape something off TV, and even more occasionally pop in one of the few videotape movies I own. So, what would be the point in buying a DVD player? Still, it was tempting.

I finally decided that it made more sense to buy either an Xbox or a PlayStation2, since both play DVDs, and also provide another entertainment option. Long story short, Xbox won out over the PS2 after I did some research, and figured that long-term, the Xbox was going to be more useful.

So, I guess it's on to Blockbuster to rent/buy a bunch of crap! :)