The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

There's a new web portal on the block, and it's talking smack right out of the gate. is looking to attract users by luring former Yahoo-heads who have been put off by the conversion of formerly free features there into fee-based services. Toward this end, MyWay will be launching a lot of aggressive anti-Yahoo ads in order to catch attention.

MyWay is a name that really sounds like Internet circa 1998, with the "my" tag being used during that time on several domain names and sites in an effort to display a "personal" touch to many dot-coms. Aside from that, I think the whole thing is a good idea, if they can actually make a go of it. I'm skeptical that they can. How exactly are they going to keep the shop running? Advertising alone is just not going to do it. Getting users to register is nice, but unless they use those registrations to then do some marketing, that won't make any money either--and part of their pitch now is that they won't do direct-mail type stuff. My guess is they're hoping to build a user base by stealing Yahoo users, get to a certain critical mass, and then start spamming and charging fees. In other words, exactly what Yahoo has done.

These are the same guys who run I registered and used iWon for a brief time, then dropped it. I haven't visited that site in about 2 years, yet I'm still getting spam mail on just about a daily basis from them. Fortunately, I used a junk email account to sign up, so the spam doesn't really bother me. But it gives me a good idea of what to expect if I did sign up on MyWay.

I will say this, though: their games section is great! Especially the arcade ones; bring back a lot of memories.