The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, November 25, 2002

look at that 's' car go
Problem with the aquarium. It looks like a couple of my more fragile fish friends have come down with a case of ich. Ich is a very common aquarium fish disease, and, fortunately, a very easily treatable one. My friend Kirby lent me some of his ich medication, and it supposedly should knock the stuff out after a couple of days.

One problem, though. The ingredients of this ich cure are formaldehyde and malachite green. These are a couple of nasty toxins, but they shouldn't harm the fish. Unfortunately, they'll kill my apple snail real quick! Snails, from what I understand, have a lot more in common with ich and other bacterial organisms than they do with fish, and so most fish medications will take out snails too, whether you want them to or not. Bummer.

I came up with a simple solution: I removed the snail from the tank and put him in a little bowlful of water, and meanwhile added the medication to the tank. So far so good there. The snail is staying put for the moment, but the little bastard will eventually try to crawl out (he regularly tries to escape from the tank, without success). I suppose I'll put a lid on the thing to keep him in place. And I think I'll take him to work tomorrow and put him in the betta tank we have there. I was considering getting a snail for that tank anyway. He'll only be there temporarily, though; I'll bring him back home once the ich is gone.