The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Just for the heck of it, I visited the Apple Computer website to see what was shakin' in Mac-land. Seeing that Apple has several international sites, I looked through the list and saw that there's a Greek site. I noticed right away the "" URL, and wondered if, for some strange reason, "Apple" had been transliterated to "Rainbow" for the Greek-speaking market. A couple of minutes of fishing around revealed this was not the case; Rainbow is simply the name of the exclusive Apple/Mac reseller in Greece.

(In case you're wondering, "apple" is pronounced "meelo" in Greek. "Rainbow" is "oorano toexo", which means, roughly, "sky sickle".)

Anyways, the site is pretty slick. It gets around using the Greek alphabet fonts (for the most part) by using either images or stylesheets.