The Critical 'I'

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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

dude, i'm getting the want ads
Maybe you've noticed some new ads for Dell Computer on the boob tube lately. What stands out about these ads is the absence of Steven the Dell Dude, who's been the company's sales mascot for the last couple of years. Turns out that could be a sign of the young lad's imminent departure as computer pitchman.

Says there that this likable goofball has inspired a fanbase, to the point where Dell came out with clothing with Steven's face and phrases on it. I can't say that I've ever seen anyone wearing any of the stuff--to the point where I've noticed, anyway. But I must say, if I did see anyone walking down the street with this stuff on, I'd have to kick their ass, on principle alone. :)

Further Thoughts: You know, if poor old Steven really is getting unceremoniously dumped by Dell, the best revenge he could get--not to mention generate a TON of buzz for him--is to do one of those Apple/Mac "Switch" commercial spots! How funny would that be? "Dude, I'm getting a Mac!"