The Critical 'I'

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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

$500 per hour and free coffee
Following the trend of other consulting arms that were spun off from their parent companies, KPMG Consulting is changing its name to distinguish itself from accounting giant KPMG International. The taint that the big accounting firms currently carry thanks to Enron also contributed to this change.

An aside: which made-up corporatespeak name is more dreadful: BearingPoint, or (formerly Andersen Consulting) Accenture?

The KPMG story has some personal bearing for me: my friend Chris works for the newly-renamed company. This led to a funny instance some time ago. A group of us were having dinner, and as some folks hadn't seen each other in awhile, we were playing catch-up with what was going on in everyone's lives. Chris announced to one of our party, a girl who's not that familiar with the business world, that he was now working for KPMG as a consultant. The girl nodded, said that was interesting, and asked: "So what's it like working in radio, are you like a DJ or more of a manager?" After a beat or two passed, the rest of us burst out laughing. We realized that "KPMG" sounds awfully like the call letters to a radio station out West somewhere! And playing off this, right away we started needling Chris about being a disc jockey at "KAY-PMG, Number 1 on your FM dial!!" He loved it, and even now we jab him with it every so often.

Well, with this name change, I guess we can't use that joke on him anymore. We'll just have to pick on his other foibles. Plus the general crappiness of the new BearingPoint name.