The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, August 26, 2002

I just knew, sooner rather than later, I'd get around to mentioning my aquarium.

I just bought a couple of little fish to restock/augment the existing schools in my 30-gallon tank: a long-finned blue danio and a glowlight tetra. The glowlight was a replacement for one that I'd bought a couple of weeks back, and that subsequently disappeared. Never found a corpse, and after a couple of days, after which I figured that was ample time for me to have seen him if he were hiding somewhere, I figured he died somehow and the remains were quickly eaten by my apple snail (something the snail specializes in--it's way too slow to be a predator, but it's a top-notch scavenger, which is good as that keeps the tank relatively clean).

Well, I just spent 10 minutes looking in the tank at the school of glowlights, and guess what? Yep, looks like I'm missing one yet again. It's possible he's hiding, but I kinda doubt it. Pretty likely he kicked the bucket, and got chomped up. Oh well.... $1.69 down the drain! ;)

I'm more curious as to what caused the death. He was probably the smallest fish in the tank, smaller even than the other glowlights. But as with the previous one, I never saw any sign of abuse. Nor did I see any signs of discomfort. Strange.... At least the new danio seems to be doing well. He's zipping around the tank in his new school and has been fully assimilated already, by the looks of it.