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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

(cueing UF fight song music) GO, GATORS!
Much like shark attacks, alligator attacks tend to get a lot of attention in these parts.

(I was looking for a picture of the three condemed gators they killed as a result of this, but couldn't find one. There is a nice one in the print edition of the St. Petersburg Times, but not online.)

The root of the problem is that there are tons of idiots who do exactly what they shouldn't, and feed gators they come across in the wild. Once they see they can get food from humans, alligators lose their natural fear of people, and then guess what.... Stories abound about people in my home state finding gators sleeping under their cars, in their swimming pools, and other interesting spots. Our friends and relatives up north seem to get freaked out pretty readily from this, and I can't say we don't stoke those flames. ;)

I keep waiting for an appearance of a gator in the lake behind my apartment. First few years I lived there, we'd get a gator in there every summer, and I got a kick out of watching them (from a safe distance upstairs, of course). But last couple of years, nothing.